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Royal Champion supplements are designed to aid your horse in optimal health, appearance, and performance in one daily dose. Our line of complete supplements is tailored to your horse’s work level and health needs so you can be sure that you are providing the enhanced nutrition your horse needs in one balanced supplement. All of our formulas provide support for joints, hooves, skin and coat, digestion, a healthy immune system, and much more.

All Royal Champion formulas help to Sustain a healthy immune system, Support joints and tendons, Strengthen hooves and promote hoof growth, Produce glossy coats, Benefit muscles and nerves, reduce stress and aid in exercise recovery, Increase stamina, Promote healthy digestion, Counter inflammation, Promote healing of wounds, bruising, and sprains.

A retailer shares his ordeal with the manufacturers, he said " The supplement is very expensive for a lot of people and due to that, sales has been very bad. It expires early as well with a lot of reactions after taking the dosage. I'd be glad if the management would heed to our call and reduce the price to suit the market."


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